EasyExportMail 2.1.34

EasyExportMail exports any selected emails to Excel. If you...

EasyExportMail exports any selected emails to Excel. If you are an organizer of projects, activities, help desk, technical support, clubs, manage teams and interest groups.

This tool will save you a lot of time and work. After you sent out an invitation or survey to a group, you will receive a large number of email replies.

You will have to open each email and copy the email contains into a working document. With EasyExportMail, simply select the emails and then click the Export to Excel button your emails will be exporting to Excel and duplicate email entries are removed automatically.

The exported emails will be organized in chronological order in columnar format. No more cut and paste. You can then add your comments by inserting additional columns or send the spreadsheet to anyone.

You may also append any number of emails to an existing spreadsheets that were created by EasyExportMail. This function simply updates the spreadsheet with the new email units which are not already present.

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EasyExportMail 2.1.34

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